Are The Fire Ants In Houston, TX Dangerous?

a fire ant crawling on a floor

As a rule, ants are annoying and belong anywhere but inside your home. However, some ants go beyond annoying and represent a very real threat. One such ant is the fire ant. This ant looks pretty similar to other species of ants and even shares most of the same behaviors.

However, the differences are what sets them apart and are what makes them potentially dangerous to humans. Fire ants are red in color and possess a stinger. They also aren't actually native to North America and are known to displace existing ant colonies. More importantly, they're highly aggressive and are more than willing to attack others, including humans, in defense of their colony.

How Dangerous Are They?

At this point, it's clear that fire ants are dangerous, but how dangerous are they really? Fortunately, their sting isn't on the same level as a wasp sting. Unfortunately, they have ways of making up for this "shortcoming." Some ways they're dangerous include

  • Sting Effect: The sting still hurts badly and is known for its ability to leave behind a welt that looks like a pimple. As such, the welts are often uncomfortable even after the initial sting.
  • Multiple Attacks: Fire ants never attack on their own. Instead, they attack as a unit. One sting is painful. Dozens of them? Now we're talking about pure misery. That's why it's even more painful if you make the mistake of stepping on their mound.
  • Anaphylactic Shock: Arguably the biggest danger with their sting comes from the reported cases of anaphylactic shock. If you experience this reaction, immediate medical attention is necessary. While only 2% of the population is allergic to this degree, it's not a risk worth taking. 

What Attracts Them?

Fire ants are similar to other species in what attracts them to your Houston, TX property. Some of the most attractive traits they like include:

  • Messiness: The messier your property is, the more likely you are to have fire ants since they like your garbage, scraps, and other signs of messiness. Keep everything cleaned up and you're less likely to have them as a problem. 
  • Holes: Sometimes, it's all about how easy it is to get inside or around to access food, water, or other needs. They can fit through the tiniest of openings, which means they'll gladly stick around if life is easy all of a sudden. Seal up these openings to make life harder for them.
  • Food Storage: Fire ants also like your food and various pet foods just like other species of ants. For this reason, improper food storage is one of the largest reasons you'll experience a fire ant infestation.
  • Leaks And Water: Standing water, leaks, and other easily accessible water sources are highly attractive for fire ants. If you have a lot of water on the property, it's time to be prepared for a fire ant infestation. Clear up these water sources to give yourself a fighting chance.

Get Help With Fire Ants From White Knight Pest Control

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