Phoenix, AZ Homeowners' Ultimate Bed Bug Prevention Guide

a bed bug crawling and biting human skin

Have you noticed itchy bite marks on your arms and neck in the morning? It could be bed bugs. Once thought to be a thing of the past, bed bugs have made a serious resurgence in the U.S. in recent years and threaten homes and businesses alike. If you’re concerned with bed bugs on your Phoenix property, here’s what you need to know.

Can I Get Bed Bugs?

As a rule of thumb, messy homes and businesses tend to have more pests than clean and tidy ones. Cockroaches, rodents, and flies are all more likely to infest properties with lots of food waste and edible garbage to eat. But when it comes to bed bugs, even the cleanest spaces can become infested.

It’s a common misconception that bed bugs only appear in filthy dorm rooms and seedy motels. Most folks believe that as long they keep their property clean, they don’t have to worry about bed bugs. But unfortunately, this isn’t true. Bed bugs aren’t interested in your trash cans or your pantry like other pests – they are solely fixated on you.

Where Do Bed Bugs Comes From?

While pests like spiders and ants may wander indoors in search of food, bed bugs prefer to take a more relaxed approach to infestation. It’s possible that bed bugs may travel between nearby rooms and can come from neighboring apartments or businesses on the same floor. But most bed bugs hitchhike their way onto your property.

Typically, bed bugs come from existing infestations in other locations. Hotel rooms, laundromats, buses, and taxis are a few common places that people pick up bed bugs. The little parasites often crawl into bags or clothing, and once brought home, they reproduce quickly.

It’s fairly common for bed bugs to hitchhike in secondhand furniture, as well. They can go for over a year without eating and will wait patiently in the seams of upholstered armchairs, ottomans, and sofas for an unsuspecting buyer to take them away. Bed bugs are even known to hide in secondhand electronic appliances.

How To Avoid Bed Bugs

At just ¼ inch in size, bed bugs aren’t always easy to spot. You may not notice them hitchhiking, but if you know the hotspots to avoid, you can drastically reduce your chances of developing a bed bug infestation in your Phoenix home.

Some simple tips to avoid picking up bed bugs are:

  • Minding your laundry – If you do your laundry at a laundromat, be sure to keep your clothing away from other people’s laundry baskets. Always set the dryer to the hottest setting to kill any unseen pests.
  • Using luggage racks and closets – When staying in hotels, don’t leave your bags on the floor or on furniture. Keep any luggage in an elevated location like a luggage rack or closet.
  • Keeping bags on your lap – If you use public transportation, try to keep bags on your lap rather than on the floor or on upholstered seats.

If you’re purchasing any secondhand furniture or appliances, be sure to check for bed bugs when you get home. You can do this by placing your items on a white sheet and carefully scraping them down with a credit card, checking for any eggshells, shed skin, or live bugs. Use a flashlight to check the underside of any furniture or inside of electronics. 

If you’re experiencing bed bug problems or are worried about getting bed bugs, contact the professionals at White Knight Pest Control. Even with vigilant prevention, no one can completely stop bed bugs on their own. With our safe and effective bed bug control services, you can sleep easy once again. Get in touch with us today for more information!