Why Are There So Many Wasps In My Salt Lake City, UT Yard?

a wasp crawling on a piece of wood

If there's one pest that can make your yard a danger zone, it's wasps. Unfortunately, these flying pests plague many local homeowners. By understanding why wasps are invading your Salt Lake City, UT yard, you might be able to prevent them from taking over in the future.

The Wasps Of Salt Lake City

In Salt Lake City, there are three common types of wasps. One of the less aggressive local wasps, the paper wasp only stings when it thinks its nest is in danger. Typically, they build nests on fences and eaves. Meanwhile, mud daubers build nests on walls. Their bodies are skinny, and they have nests made of mud. Although mud daubers are more aggressive than paper wasps, they're less aggressive than yellow jackets. You can identify yellowjackets by their aggressive nature, striped bodies, and behavior. Usually, they build nests underground or in walls. When yellowjackets are around, anyone is at risk for a sting. 

What Attracts Wasps To Yards?

You probably don't need someone to tell you that wasps are dangerous. They have the only two things a pest needs to harm you - venom and a stinger. When a wasp stings you, there's a chance you could have an allergic reaction and go into anaphylactic shock. Even if you don't react, you'll be in pain. With the dangers of wasps, you don't want them hanging around your Salt lake City yard. So why are they there anyway?

  • Flowering Plants: Your garden might be your pride and joy, but it's also the reason you have wasps on your property. Although wasps aren't as good at pollinating as bees, they do still feed on pollen and nectar. Some wasps are predatory, feeding on the insects attracted to your garden. In either case, your flowers could be why you have wasps around. If you're hesitant to get rid of your garden, avoid buying flowering plants. Keep your garden as far away from your outdoor living area and your home. 
  • Sugary Food And Drinks: The wasps in Salt Lake City love sweet things. If you plan on having an outdoor barbecue or picnic, you can expect wasps to enjoy the food and drinks as much as you do. Condiments, soda, and dessert all have enough sugar to be appealing to wasps. The best way to keep these stubborn pests from ruining your next picnic is to keep the food stored under lidded platters. If you use lids on your drinks, you can also make your yard less attractive to wasps. When possible, dine inside a screened patio. 
  • Garbage Cans: Garbage cans attract a variety of insects in Salt Lake City to your yard. Often filled with leftover food, your garbage cans can be a permanent buffet for insects, including wasps. To make your garbage cans less appealing, place lids on them. Avoid overfilling your cans, or your garbage will still be accessible to pests. 
  • Prime Nest Sites: Under your eaves and on your walls, wasps could find optimal nest sites. While there's not much you can do about mud daubers building on your walls, you can check for nests regularly. As soon as you notice a wasp nest, call for an expert. Wasp nest removal is not a job you should handle on your own.

Time To Call The Professionals

Here at White Knight Pest Control, we have years of experience with wasps and other common pests. Our team has the knowledge and tools necessary to safely remove wasps and their nests. As soon as you notice wasps on your property, give us a call. Your quick action could prevent a nasty sting. Call us today for your home pest control safety and a free estimate.