Denver, CO Property Owners' Ultimate Guide To Tick Control

american dog tick biting skin

You don't need to go on a hike to find a tick in Denver. Whether you're in your backyard or at the park, there could be ticks waiting to prey on you. Check out this guide on Denver tick control and learn everything you need to know about protecting yourself and your property from these pests.

The Ticks In Denver

Although there are several types of ticks in the Denver region, the Rocky Mountain wood tick is the most common. This tick is similar to all the other ticks in that it's a type of arachnid. As an adult, it feeds on human and animal blood by biting and latching on. The brown dog tick is also sometimes in the area, along with the American dog tick. While all the ticks vary slightly in appearance, the male Rocky Mountain wood tick is one of the easiest to identify. It has a mottled scutum and brown body.

Once a tick bites you, the problems can begin. Ticks have the potential to carry and spread diseases. In this region, the two diseases most frequently spread by ticks are Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Colorado tick fever. While you might not notice the tick while it's feeding, you will notice the symptoms of either disease.

Where Do Ticks Hang Out?

Ticks tend to be in more rural areas. If there are plants or tall grasses, ticks could be clinging onto them. As parasites, ticks don't do much on their own to find a meal. They wait for a host to come along and then grab onto them. Then, ticks either latch themselves on or wait until a better host is nearby.

Most people only worry about ticks when they go for walks in the woods. However, these Denver pests could also be in your yard. Dogs, cats, and wildlife pests can bring ticks into your yard. Without ever hitting a nature trail, you could be a victim of a tick bite.

It's worth mentioning that a pet could also bring a tick directly into your home. After a tick feeds on its original host, it drops off. Then, it waits for you or another suitable host to come by.

Ways To Keep Ticks Away

If you want to limit your chances of encountering a tick on your property, there are a few things you can do:

  • Clean Up Yard Debris: If you have piles of debris in your yard, you could be attracting other pests that carry ticks. Make your property less appealing to them by cleaning up piles of leaves, sticks, and rocks.
  • Keep Your Grass Cut: It's also important to keep your grass cut short. If you have tall grass or overgrown shrubs, you have a yard that's appealing to ticks. Cut your grass to the lowest possible height and keep your trees and shrubs trimmed. 
  • Use Lids On Your Garbage Cans: Although ticks don't care about your garbage cans, squirrels and other rodents do. The food in your garbage makes for an easy meal, which leaves you vulnerable to ticks.
  • Use Tick Prevention On Your Pets: If your pets spend any time outdoors, they need a reliable tick preventative. You can find these in various forms, and your veterinarian can advise you on the best and safest option for your animals. Just make sure you administer the preventative as needed, or your pets could still bring ticks into your home. 

Rely On A Professional

The best and most effective form of tick prevention is to work with professionals. Here at White Knight Pest Control, our experts have extensive training and know all the tricks to keep ticks away. We offer comprehensive solutions and effective pest control in Denver. For more advice or assistance, call us today at White Knight Pest Control.