How To Protect Yourself From Houston, TX Mosquitoes

a mosquito that landing on flowers

It's probably not news to you that Houston mosquitoes are annoying. That would be reason enough to take measures to protect yourself from these pests. However, mosquitoes are also dangerous and could spread diseases to you or your loved ones. If you're not already working on a way to protect yourself from mosquitoes, it's time to take action. Learn how you can stay safe from these pests.

Understanding The Enemy

You can't keep a threat away if you don't understand it. Therefore, one of the keys to mosquito prevention is knowing about mosquitoes. The more you understand mosquito behavior, the better your chances of staying safe from these Houston pests.  Perhaps the most important thing to comprehend is what attracts mosquitoes. Female mosquitoes need human or animal blood, so they use their long proboscis to suck nutrients out of their hosts. However, the males only need nectar to survive.  Because of this, mosquitoes are attracted to yards with people and yards with flowers. While you might be able to get rid of some of the flowers in your yard, you probably can't do anything to eliminate the people. You can take measures to keep away other things that might attract these annoying insects, like the following:

  • High humidity
  • Standing water
  • Thick vegetation

Tips for Keeping Mosquitoes Away From Your Houston Property

If you don't want mosquitoes to take over your Houston backyard, you should consider taking a few preventative measures. This includes removing all standing water and whatever is causing the water. Typically, empty pots, debris piles, and pet dishes collect water. The water then attracts mosquitoes and puts you in danger. At times, clogged gutters or poor drainage also result in standing water. Check your gutters and come up with solutions to your drainage issues.

With a little effort, you can make your yard less appealing to mosquitoes. Your vegetation could also be what's making these pests come for a visit. When bushes are too thick, they create a moist environment for mosquitoes to live in. You should trim them regularly to reduce the humidity and deter mosquitoes. Certain plants, like citronella and lemongrass, have the opposite effect. By planting aromatic herbs and similar plants in your garden, you may be able to repel some mosquitoes. 

Protecting Yourself From Mosquitoes

Of course, your efforts won't be 100% effective. And if you're out in nature, you can't be sure mosquitoes will stay away. There are a few things you can do to prevent mosquito bites, no matter where you may be.

First, try wearing light-colored clothing. Because female mosquitoes seek out heat, they're drawn to the heat from dark clothes. Black, baby blue, and other dark colors make you more likely to be a victim of mosquitoes.

Secondly, wear clothing with a tight-knit. The mosquito proboscis is small enough to penetrate most types of clothing. For the most protection, choose shirts and pants with tight-knit fabric and patterns. Mosquitoes can still get in, but they're less likely to bite you. 

Finally, avoid being outside during dusk and dawn. This is when mosquitoes tend to be highly active. Once again, this won't guarantee you can be mosquito-free. However, it will help.

Work With A Professional

For the ultimate mosquito prevention, work with us at White Knight Pest Control. We have years of experience with keeping mosquitoes away. When you reach out to us, you can count on our team to come up with a customized approach to mosquito prevention and elimination. To learn more about our programs, give us a call. It's always a good time to protect yourself and your family from mosquitoes in Houston.