How To Get Rid Of Centipedes On Your Salt Lake City Property

centipede face

With cold and snowy winters, hot and dry summers, and light seasonal rainfalls, Salt Lake City is more than accommodating for the centipede. Homeowners do not typically give the centipede a second thought until suddenly, out of the corner of their eye, they see movement scurrying up the wall or across their kitchen counter.  No, it is not an alien (even if it does look like something out of a sci-fi movie), and it does not present any danger to the homeowner, but it is a creepy, uninvited predator that homeowners would rather not have in their home.

What Everyone Ought To Know About Salt Lake City Centipedes 

The centipede is an odd-looking creature possessing a unique set of characteristics.  

The physical characteristics of a centipede are as follows:

  • The body is short (about 1”) and worm-like.
  • Its coloring is yellowish to dark brown - sometimes with darker stripes or marks.  The centipede’s legs are also banded.
  •  15 to 177 pairs of legs are attached to the sides of its body making it resemble a walking dust mop.
  • It has a rounded head with a pair of long and slender antennae.
  • The end of a centipede’s body has a long pair of appendages.
  • It is extremely fast (stopping and remaining motionless for a time, before darting off).
  • Centipedes have rather small, weak jaws.  Typically, they are not prone to biting unless they feel physically threatened.  A human’s skin is difficult to penetrate, but when the centipede does manage to bite, it does inject venom.  The venom is not potent enough to cause health problems, but its bite can be painful (never worse than a bee sting) and cause some swelling.

Where You Will Likely Find Centipedes In Your Salt Lake City Home

Centipedes are solitary predators that hide during the day in dark, damp places. They feed on insects and spiders. They have a special fondness for silverfish. They can be found both indoors and outdoors (particularly in damp areas). When the centipede gets into your home, it looks for the same conditions it enjoys outside. Centipedes in Salt Lake City thrive in damp basements, crawlspaces, near drains and faucets, pipes, etc. They typically find their way into homes by sliding through spaces under exterior doors, sliding glass doors, gaps around windows, or vulnerable spots in the foundation.  When found outdoors, centipedes enjoy hiding under mulch, stones, rotting logs, woodpiles, leaves, trash cans, and composting containers.

Six Methods To Keep Centipedes Away From Your Salt Lake City Home

Centipedes can be discouraged from entering your home by practicing some simple prevention methods.

  1. Reduce areas of moisture both inside and outside your home.
  2. Remove piles of leaves and grass clippings.
  3. Remove fallen logs or stumps.
  4. A dehumidifier in your basement helps remove excess moisture.
  5. Make sure attics are well ventilated.
  6. Seal any holes, cracks, or gaps around doors, windows, or other areas that would allow centipedes to access your home.

How White Knight Pest Control Can Help With Your Centipede Problem

Centipedes are commonly referred to as nuisance pests; they leave no signs of living in your home until they decide to crawl out of their hiding places. The professionals at White Knight Pest Control offer multiple solutions to solve your pest problems. White Knight Pest Control guarantees all of our pest control services. We would be honored to rescue you from your pest invaders. Reach out to us today to learn more.