What To Do About Bed Bugs In Your Salado Business

a bed bug on a blanket

Everyone knows that bed bugs are terrible home-invading pests. What many people do not stop to think about is where these pests are most often picked up. Unlike other bugs that live in our area that invade properties through gaps, cracks, and other openings, bed bugs use people to get around. They also love congregating in public spaces, which include many types of businesses. To help you determine if your business is susceptible to a bed bug invasion and to provide you with the tools to eliminate these pests, here are some things to consider.

How Bed Bugs Get Around

Bed bugs are a lot like lice in the way that they use people to get around. More specifically, bed bugs hitchhike rides on items such as backpacks, clothing, and purses. What makes things worse is that bed bugs regularly hop off items mid-travel. This leaves them stranded in public places looking for other ways to get around. Businesses that see a lot of foot traffic may have small bed bug infestations. These infestations do not last long as bed bugs have no way of feeding. If you don’t know how these pests feed, they typically wait till nighttime, crawl into beds or other areas where it is dark and where people are sitting or lying still, and then slowly draw blood from their victims. They can’t do this in the middle of a busy supermarket.

What Types Of Businesses Do Bed Bugs Infest?

The types of businesses bed bugs infest frequently are the ones that provide people a place to sleep. This includes hospitals, hotels, and airports. It is in these types of establishments that bed bugs are able to establish themselves and survive for long periods. They are also able to use businesses like these as a hub to get onto items and spread infestations into homes of unexpecting people.

Bed Bugs Are Bad For Business

We do not have to tell you how bad bed bugs are for business. If these pests can be traced back to your establishment by a disgruntled customer, a bad review is the least of your worries. Bed bugs are considered a public health risk and can quickly destroy your business, if unaddressed.

The Biggest Problem With Bed Bugs

One thing that makes bed bugs extremely frustrating to deal with is how good they are at hiding. When not feeding, these pests seek refuge in hard-to-reach places such as wall and ceiling voids. They will also flee to these areas when faced with danger. To make things more difficult, a bed bug can survive up to 400 days without a blood meal in optimal conditions. This means if you try to handle an infestation on your own, you may see quick results but be faced with a refreshed problem within a few months. The only way to ensure the infestation is handled right the first time is to hire a professional.

The Benefits Of Professional Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are a serious problem that requires a serious solution. If you suspect these pests are crawling around inside your Salado business, get the experts at White Knight Pest Control involved. We will send one of our qualified technicians your way ASAP to inspect your property for bed bug activity. If an infestation is found, they will work fast to make sure your problem is solved before you can say "lost profits." One thing we value more than anything else is getting the job done right at an affordable cost to you.

Contact our team today to schedule an appointment for your Salado business and find your best answer to bed bug problems.