Are The Bed Bugs In San Antonio Dangerous?

bed bug crawling on bedding

Life can be hard. It seems like every day our lives get just a little bit busier, and San Antonio homeowners know how important sleep is on a busy schedule. It’s hard to come by, but it’s one of the main things we need. That’s why a bed bug infestation can be so dangerous. The more you understand about bed bugs, the more you’ll realize you need to take extra precautions against these night-crawling home-invaders. Let’s take a closer look at bed bugs, and the unexpected risks and problems they can pose to your San Antonio home if you’re unfortunate enough to come under infestation. 

The Bed Bug Nightmare Scenario

Having a bed bug infestation is one of those things that nobody worries about until it’s too late. “They won’t come into my house. I wash the sheets in hot water all the time.” Unfortunately, bed bugs don’t care. All bed bugs are looking for is their next meal.

You see, bed bugs are just creatures of opportunity. They’ll hitchhike a ride on anything to make it into your house and feed on your blood as you sleep. As terrifying an idea as that is, what’s even more terrifying is how easily they can get in. Clinging on to clothes, shoes, luggage, pets, or anything else available, bed bugs can sneak into your house without you knowing, allowing the infestation to spread to all of your furniture before you even realize you have a problem.

That’s what puts you at such high risk of incurring bed bugs when you travel. They can easily wind up in your bag if your hotel bed is infested, or another traveler could pass them to your bag if you leave it lying around for too long. Many homeowners report bed bug infestations after spending time in travel hubs such as bus stations and airport terminals.   

You could also incur an infestation after buying secondhand furniture if you’re not careful. Bed bugs will infest any sort of furniture, so you could bring them into your home by purchasing a used refrigerator, couch, office chair, or mattress. What you thought was your dream deal on a new couch can turn into a nightmare quickly.

Is A Bed Bug Infestation Really That Big Of A Deal?

The ease of which bed bugs can enter your home is pretty scary when you consider how dangerous a prolonged infestation can be. The first thing you’ll notice is the red, itchy bumps that appear on your skin after a bed bug attack. You may not feel it at night while they’re feeding, but you’ll notice the itch in the morning. The way to differentiate these bites from other bug bites is by noticing the pattern, which is typically straight-lined or zig-zagged. (If they are all over your body at random, then it’s probably not bed bugs).

You’ll be tempted to scratch at these bites constantly, but this can cause permanent skin damage or allow for the possibility of infection. A prolonged bed bug infestation can also lead to severe insomnia and anemia, which, unfortunately, are two effects that can hang around long after the bed bugs have been eradicated.

If you notice signs of bed bugs, like the red bites, rust-colored stains from their excrement, or small bloodstains left behind after feeding, then you shouldn’t try and get rid of them yourself. Homeowners who rely on vacuums and sprays to get rid of the pests at the surface of the furniture items will not eradicate an infestation completely, as these pests usually lay eggs deep within the furniture cushions. Once they hatch, the cycle will repeat itself, putting your health at risk once again. So, make the healthy choice: Contact White Knight Pest Control at the first sign of bed bug problems.

At White Knight, we have all the tools and experience necessary to eliminate your bed bug infestation completely the first time. Save time, money, and a lot of headaches by calling us first. Contact us for more information about our bed bug treatment options and find out why San Antonio residents turn to White Knight when the bed bugs bite.