What To Do About Yellowjackets On Your Dallas Property

close up of yellowjacket

Believe it or not, most of the wasps in the world are solitary. Predators like tarantula hawks and mud daubers hunt their prey alone and don’t rely on elaborate nests for shelter. These stinging insects are fearsome enough on their own, but wasps become a real problem when they live in colonies — and one of the worst examples is yellowjackets. If you’ve seen some brightly colored stinging insects flying around your yard lately, here’s what to do about yellowjackets on your Dallas property.

About Yellowjackets

Commonly found throughout much of the continental United States, yellowjackets aren’t a single species of wasp, but several species that exhibit very similar traits and behaviors. The average yellowjacket measures 3/8 to 5/8 inch in length and can be recognized for its yellow and black striped coloration. 

A yellowjacket colony can have thousands of members and can be constructed either in an elevated location or underground. These pests can be a nuisance for property owners because of their tendency to swoop in on food and beverages outdoors. Whether it’s a bag of trash or just a soda can left unattended for a moment, yellowjackets are expert scavengers of human food as well as predators of small insects like ants and moths.

Are Yellowjackets Dangerous?

The trouble with having that many yellowjackets on your property is that these pests are highly territorial and aggressive, meaning they will not hesitate to sting. Unlike bees, yellowjackets can sting repeatedly and will attack in swarms, posing significant health risks for people — especially children and the elderly.

Yellowjackets are so aggressive that an estimated 500,000 Americans are sent to the emergency room every year as a result of being attacked. While a single venomous sting isn’t much of a hazard to a healthy adult, many stings delivered in a short period of time can be debilitating. Those who are allergic to yellowjacket stings can experience anaphylactic shock, and medical attention must be sought immediately.

What To Do About Yellowjackets On Your Property

Because they are so aggressive, it’s best not to try and deal with a yellowjacket infestation on your own. If you’ve got yellowjackets in Dallas, you need to call the experts at White Knight Pest Control instead. Our trained professionals will safely and completely remove any active nests on your home's property to ensure that you don’t suffer any needless stings.

How To Prevent Yellowjackets

Really, the most effective way to deal with yellowjackets is to prevent them in the first place. A few things you can do around your property to reduce the chances of a yellowjacket infestation include:

  • Mind your trash: Keep garbage bins or other trash receptacles covered at all times. Try to rinse out any containers of juice, beer, or soda before disposal. Be especially vigilant at outdoor events and dispose of food and beverages quickly so as not to attract yellowjackets.
  • Mow the lawn: Just mowing the lawn and keeping up with yard work can keep yellowjackets at bay. By regularly trimming the vegetation on your property, you give the bugs that yellowjackets prey on fewer places to hide. 
  • Control moisture: Even yellowjackets have to drink. Try to dump out any standing water around your property and fix any leaking pipes, faucets, or spigots. Ensure that drains and gutters are flowing properly. This will also reduce the presence of pests that yellowjackets prey on. 

For relief from aggressive yellowjackets on your Dallas property, get in touch with White Knight Pest Control today.