How To Keep Your Buda Lawn Green All Year

blades of grass up close

Who doesn’t dream of a perfectly green lawn? That nice, dense grass that practically feels like a carpet beneath your feet; you’ve seen ideal lawns like these, so why can’t you get your grass to cooperate? Well, there’s a thing or two to know about lawn care in Texas. Here’s how to keep your Buda lawn green all year

Why Green Lawns Are Tough To Grow

It’s not easy to grow a great lawn. In fact, it’s a year-round commitment  —especially for folks in Buda. The dry, hot summer weather can fry a vulnerable lawn and greedy weeds can steal sunlight and water from your turfgrass. But one of the most common reasons that folks can’t grow gorgeous green lawns in Texas is because of lack of fertilization.

Texas lawns need to be fertilized year-round. Ensuring that your lawn gets the proper nutrition in the cold season will help to prevent weeds and receding grass in the growing season. However, other factors like lack of aeration, seeding, and sufficient watering can all inhibit the growth of that picturesque green grass. Lawn diseases and lawn pests are also inevitable for most properties and can be difficult to treat without the proper expertise. 

Why DIY Lawn Care Can Be A Waste Of Time

It’s your lawn and you want to take care of it. It’s a perfectly reasonable thing; you don’t want to spend money to pay for expensive lawn care services when you could do the job yourself. But the do-it-yourself approach has its drawbacks.

For starters, you need to buy and maintain all your own equipment and supplies. The average lawnmower costs hundreds of dollars, and riding mowers can cost thousands — plus, lawnmowers don’t last forever and will regularly need to be serviced and eventually replaced. Then, there’s the cost of seeds, chemicals, and fertilizer, which can cost hundreds of dollars a season. Not to mention equipment for aerating and spreading seeds and fertilizer.

If you’re willing to put in the time, you can customize your lawn care regimen to your exact preferences. But unfortunately, you’re going to have to dedicate a lot of time, effort, and money to maintain that perfect lawn. And even worse, improper maintenance from over-mowing or under-seeding can lead to some dismal-looking grass.

The Benefits Of Professional Lawn Care

Yes, you’re going to have to shell out some cash for professional lawn care, but the benefits of professional lawn care services far outweigh the cost. Drive through any suburban neighborhood and it’s clear to see who uses professional services; it’s typically the folks with those perfect green lawns. 

Lawn care services from the pros save you time and energy and guarantee that you’ll get the results you want without compromising your busy schedule. Professional technicians can tailor treatments to your unique situation, ensuring that your lawn is at its healthiest, regardless of the season. With year-round fertilization and lawn care performed by the experts, you’ll see that lush verdant lawn you’ve always wanted.

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When you choose White Knight Pest Control for your lawn, you can count on reliable year-round fertilization with results guaranteed. That’s greener, healthier grass that you can show off. After all, what’s the point of having a lawn if it isn’t worth bragging about? Contact us today for your free quote.