How Dangerous Are Wasps In Salt Lake City?

a wasp on its nest in salt lake city

With pest season fast approaching, many of us are beginning to ask the question, “how dangerous are my backyard pests?” From ants to wildlife creatures and rodents to venomous snakes, there is quite a bit of variation stretching from one species to another. At the end of the day, we all want to know just how safe we are from encroaching pests and the likelihood of seeing a dangerous pest in our yards. When it comes to these fearsome flying creatures, however, you may not be safe at all. 

Wasps in Salt Lake City are something to be feared, whether or not you have experienced a sting yourself. The wasp family of pests includes a wide variety of stinging insects, including:

  • The Paper Wasp 
  • The European Hornet
  • The Mud Dauber 
  • The Cicada Killer 
  • The Yellowjacket 

While there are many types of stinging insects found around here in Utah, there are a couple of distinguishing characteristics that separate wasps from other bugs. The yellow and black coloration patterns, large compound eyes, and thin waists of most wasps will act as a dead giveaway. 

Wasp activity is greatly needed for the proper function of the food chain. Some species of wasp are specific pollinators to rare plants and fruiting bushes, providing all sorts of delicious foods for animals and people alike. Wasps are predators of ‘bad’ garden bugs, including those that destroy crop yields and soil health. They may not look like it, but wasps are important members of the natural world.

Although wasps are extremely beneficial to the environment at large, the species in Salt Lake City can be extremely dangerous to people, pets, and their properties. Those allergic to wasp stings may have anaphylactic reactions that put their lives in danger. With an ability to sting multiple times, even those who are not at risk may be put in extreme danger by wasp activity. Let’s take a look at some things that may help discourage wasps from taking over your property. 

Run-Off Your Wasp Reprobates With Proper Property Protection 

If wasps are trying to establish themselves on your property, there may be attractant factors that have drawn them closer to your yard. Like all living things, wasps require access to food, available water sources, and safe places to build a shelter. Your Salt Lake City home could be offering just the right mix of factors to make wasps happy. 

To keep wasps from taking over, try implementing some of the following tactics:

  • Keep all trees, shrubs, and hedges properly trimmed and manicured. Do not allow shrubs to take over the sides of the home, or scrape against the house. 
  • Be sure that nearby plants are not overflowering, or providing inadvertent food sources (i.e. pollen or berries) for wasp colonies.  
  • Refrain from over-watering your outdoor plants, which may create a harborage zone for thirsty wasp species. 

Wasps may have already set up shop around your Salt Lake City property, as you may have noticed. If these pests continue to be a problem for you and your family, book a wasp inspection with the folks at White Knight Pest Control today. 

Leave Wasps Worse For Wear – Fight With White Knight Pest Control 

Wasps may not have infiltrated your home as of yet, but if you do find a nest resting somewhere on your property, do not try to remove it yourself. Even if you believe the nest to be inactive, there are many ways for you to be seriously injured from the improper handling of wasp nests. Instead of risking your life, contact White Knight Pest Control for the safe removal of wasp nests year-round. We’re here to serve you: today, tomorrow, always.