Professional Bed Bug Control Is The Way To Go For Your Salt Lake City Home

a bed bug biting human skin

In our world, it’s often tempting to try to solve problems ourselves. It almost seems like the more noble thing to do; why ask for help when we can get the job done ourselves? And then there’s the other end of the spectrum: “If you want something done right, you’re probably going to have to pay for it.” Most people want to avoid that end of the spectrum at all costs, and they take that attitude with pest control as well. However, the more you learn about bed bugs, the more you’ll realize that trying to prevent or eradicate a bed bug infestation on your own will actually be more costly than professional help.

How Do They Get In?

In order to understand the true cost of eradication, you’ll need to understand the many ways that bed bugs can enter and infest your home. Most people think they only inhabit mattresses if homeowners don’t wash the sheets. But, unfortunately, these opportunistic pests will invade any piece of furniture in any home, as long as it gets them closer to the human blood they love to feed on.
Since they’re just five millimeters around with tiny little legs, bed bugs don’t move very quickly. Instead, they’ll hitch a ride onto any number of items to wind up in your home. Typically, they’ll grab on to luggage in hotels, bus stations, or airport terminals and then ride along until they find some furniture to infest.
Another way you can easily allow bed bugs into your home is by purchasing secondhand furniture. Whether it’s a mattress, couch, office chair, or refrigerator, it could be carrying bed bugs. Make sure to check for the signs of bed bugs on these items before you bring them in. These signs include:

  • Blood droplet stains from feedings
  • Rust-colored rings from excrement
  • A musty odor

Proper Prevention And Eradication

Since a bed bug infestation can lead to skin damage, insomnia, and even anemia, most homeowners realize they want to get rid of them as quickly as possible. However, they often make the mistake of thinking that the quickest option will be doing it themselves, so where do they look for answers? The internet, of course.

A quick internet search will reveal dozens of do-it-yourself methods that claim to be easier and cheaper than hiring pest control professionals. Some of these include:

  • Vacuuming
  • Store-bought sprays
  • Various mixtures of ammonia, vinegar, baking powder, and a can-do attitude

What these methods all have in common, however, is their ability to get rid of the few pests on the surface of the furniture, and their inability to eradicate the entire infestation. You see, bed bugs don’t just hang out on the surface. They nest and lay eggs deep within the cushions of furniture all over your house, including couches and chairs. That’s why these remedies hardly ever get the entire infestation, forcing you to keep spending money on DIY methods and leaving you exposed to the health problems that a prolonged infestation can bring along with it.

Fortunately, White Knight Pest Control offers residential bed bug services that not only help prevent an infestation, but also eradicate an existing bed bug infestation on the first try. Our professional pest technicians know exactly which furniture items to treat and how to treat them to ensure your home remains bed bug-free for good. In the long run, it’s actually much cheaper than repeating the cycle of inconsistent results from DIY methods. If you’re still not sold, contact White Knight Pest Control to learn more today. We’d love to hear from you.