What Overwintering Pests Could Mean For Your Denver Home

a house mouse crawling in a pile of leaves

Just because it’s snowing outside doesn’t mean pests are inactive. In fact, many pest populations, and the problems they cause, become more noticeable as winter sets in. That’s because our Denver properties provide them with all they need to hunker down and survive the cold. Only by taking early action can you hope to avoid a winter pest infestation, and only professional solutions can get rid of overwintering pests before they put a damper on your whole season.

Pests To Watch Out For In Winter

The vast majority of invasive pests can’t survive the cold of winter. Many small insects and warm-blooded mammals aren’t hardy enough to last outdoors. This reality means that pests are more prone to invade in order to survive colder weather. Here are just some of the pests that are a problem during fall and winter:

  • Rodents: Mice and rats both invade human properties for the shelter they provide. Our trash and stored food provide them with a treasure trove to grow fat off of and multiply. 
  • Insects: Bugs that can’t burrow into the ground where heat stays trapped must find ways into warm homes and businesses. From foraging ants and cockroaches to destructive termites, all kinds of bugs can pose problems for you in the winter. 
  • Spiders: They actually have a built-in anti-freeze system that allows them to survive the winter, but they will be drawn inside to go after the insects they feed on.

The Problems Caused By Overwintering Pests

All of these pests can lead to bigger problems once they invade your property. Often, pest populations have already moved in long before you notice the signs, they’ve just managed to grow larger and thrive thanks to the shelter you’ve provided them. All of the following are serious problems caused by overwintering pests:

  • Damage: The list of ways that pests can ruin your property is as long as the list of pests themselves. From gnawing rodents to burrowing bugs, overwintering pests can cost you a lot of money in repairs.
  • Disease: As pests come inside, they bring their germs and illnesses in with them. These include some serious and highly contagious diseases, including the plague. 
  • Population: Overwintering pests, by their very nature, procreate in large numbers so they can ensure their survival to the next year. That means pest problems can quickly grow in size and scope.

Prevention Is The Name Of The Game

If you wait until pests are noticeable before you start addressing problem spots on your property, it’s likely too late to really have much success. While it’s good to do these things in the late summer and fall before pests try to gain access, these are proven prevention measures that you can still implement:

  • Crack sealing: Small pests can fit through tiny holes, so it’s important to check for and fix any openings you find around your exterior.
  • Landscaping: It’s not much fun to go out and do yard work in the cold, but overgrowth can lead to pest problems. They use tall grasses to hide and wait for chances to get inside or they use encroaching tree branches and bushes as highways to get closer to your property. 
  • Professional treatments: Even if you just need an inspection, experts can provide assistance when it comes to winter pests.

Call On White Knight Pest Control

Many of the steps required to protect against overwintering pests are too little too late by the time winter rolls around and pests have already had a chance to invade. Because of this, it is best to partner with local pest experts to ensure that no stone is unturned. At White Knight Pest Control, we know how to prevent and remove whatever overwintering pests may come your way. With a thorough inspection of your property, we can determine whether winter pests are already hunkered down and growing in numbers. Only proven solutions are guaranteed to get rid of these surviving pests and preventing future generations.  
For total protection from overwintering pests, call on White Knight Pest Control for assistance.