The Trick To Keeping Spiders Out Of Your San Antonio Home

black widow making a web

Spiders are some of the most dreaded pests. While they might not be as troublesome as common household bugs like ants and flies, their appearance and behavior cause lots of folks to freak out. Spiders might be polite guests, but you certainly didn’t invite them over. So, to keep unwanted arachnids at bay, you need to know the trick to keeping spiders out of your San Antonio home.

Are Spiders Dangerous?

The vast majority of spiders we encounter at home are harmless. While they can still bite, few spiders pose a real danger for healthy adults. Spiders want to keep to themselves and snack on the other insects around your home. They are a prime example of “Don’t bother them and they won’t bother you.” 

However, we sometimes accidentally cross paths with house-dwelling spiders and destroy or disturb their webs. And although most spiders aren’t a threat to your health, there are some that can cause serious medical complications.

Types Of Spiders In San Antonio 

There are at least 88 unique species of spiders that can be found in the state of Texas, but only a few that you are likely to encounter around the home. The most common home-invading spiders in San Antonio include:

  • Wolf spiders – Wolf spiders are bigger than most peridomestic spiders, measuring up to two inches or larger. These spiders take their name from their hairy appearance and their hunting tactics. Rather than weaving webs, wolf spiders stalk their prey on foot.
  • House spiders – The common house spider measures between 3/16 and 5/16 inch in length and has a yellowy-brown coloration. House spiders tend to abandon their webs if they aren’t catching enough food and will construct new webs in more suitable locations, which can cause quite a mess.
  • Black widow spiders – Arguably the scariest spider, or at least the most infamous, black widows are jet black in color with a red hourglass marking present on the abdomens of females. They weave unkempt webs in dark, undisturbed locations.
  • Brown recluse spiders – Often mistaken for other spiders, true brown recluse spiders are solid in color with no patterning, and have six eyes arranged in pairs of two. Like black widows, they also weave messy webs in obscure locations.

Spider Prevention Tips

You can keep spiders out of your San Antonio home by following a few tips:

  • Dispose of trash properly. Food waste attracts bugs that spiders prey on. Make sure all trash is thrown out often and disposed of in a trash can with a tight-fitting lid.
  • Clear clutter. Spiders like to hide and build their webs in clutter around your property. Clean up any odds and ends not properly stored, like old clothing, toys, or even books. 
  • Sweep up webs. Some spiders may reuse abandoned webs. Take a broom or vacuum and carefully sweep up any webs you find on your property.
  • Reduce moisture. Fix any leaking pipes and clear any obstructed drains that can provide water for spiders and the pests they prey on.
  • Seal potential entrances. Using silicone caulk, seal up cracks or openings on the exterior of your property. Replace faulty weather stripping and door sweeps as needed.
  • Try some yard work. Clear away outdoor clutter like leaf piles, lawn trimmings, or other debris. Move firewood at least 20 feet away from the home and store it on an elevated platform. 

The best way to deal with pests and the spiders that feed on them is with support from White Knight Pest Control. We can safely remove dangerous spiders from your home and get rid of the not-so-dangerous ones, too. For help with spiders and all your pest problems in San Antonio, get in touch with us today.