What To Do About Spiders In Your Salado, TX Home

a black widow spider in a web at night

There are many pests to watch out for in your Salado, TX  home, but one of the most common is the spider. While they don't cause property damage or spread disease, some species are venomous and have been known to cause harm to people, which is why there is such a large amount of fear associated with this pest.

In truth, all spiders have venom and fangs, which means they can and will bite if they feel threatened. However, most species of spiders are considered to be harmless to humans and pets, despite their ability to bite. The reason for this is because the amount of venom they transmit through their bites isn't enough to trigger a serious reaction.

Two Dangerous Spiders 

There are two venomous spiders in Salado whose bites do require medical attention if you're bitten by them. These two spiders are:

  • Black Widow: This spider is recognizable thanks to its shiny black body along with the red hourglass-shaped mark located on the underside of its abdomen. More importantly, they're known to possess potent enough venom to require immediate medical attention.
  • Brown Recluse: Boasting a yellowish-gray body, this spider also possesses potent venom that requires medical attention. You can more easily identify this spider thanks to the violin-shaped pattern on its back.

Both of these dangerous spiders are fairly rare to find inside homes, but both are still known to make it inside from time to time. As such, it's important to pay attention when in darker parts of your home and to be aware of what brings spiders inside in the first place.

Spider Prevention Tips

The best way to not have to worry about a spider infestation is to actively work to keep them out of the home. That's why we've put together a list of prevention tips to follow. Before we examine these tips, it's important to understand one thing about spiders.

Spiders care about other pests because they're prey. This means spiders don't come inside looking for your food or to attack you. Instead, they often come in due to a mistake or because they're tracking their prey. Our spider prevention tips are:

  • Landscaping: The wilder your property, the more at home insects feel thanks to hiding spots and plentiful food. This also means spiders are happy because there is so much prey available. 
  • Food Storage: When you leave your food out, the insects come out in droves. It's why you see so many flies hovering around your food. If the insects are drawn in because of your food not being stored properly, the spiders will follow suit.
  • Trash Storage: Insects are also really fond of your trash (they are gross after all). Without proper trash storage, the insects will invade en masse. As such, the spider population will be quite high as well.
  • Water: Regardless of how much prey is around, water is more important. If you have leaks, standing water, or other accessible water sources then you may be facing a spider infestation.
  • Entry Points: Spiders get in because they can just as easily as the other pests that get inside. If you don't want a spider infestation, seal the entry points to prevent all pests from getting inside your Salado home.

Spider Control With White Knight Pest Control

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