Four Effective Rodent Prevention Tips For Phoenix Property Owners

mouse outside scavenging

Pests can turn the lives of Phoenix home and business owners completely upside down. Some pests can cause property damage, leaving costly effects long after they're gone. Others can carry and transmit illnesses to humans and pets. Rodents can do all of the above, destroying property and bringing illness into your home or business. Rodents are covered in bacteria and parasites that can contaminate food and make you or your family sick. They also can bite up walls and wires, possibly resulting in an electrical fire or structural damage.

Rodents common in the Phoenix area include house mice and Norway rats. Here's how to tell them apart:

  • House mice: These rodents are gray, brown or black, and have light shaded stomachs. Their hair will be short. They are around seven inches long. 
  • Norway rats: These vermin are a long 15 inches, with 7 inch tails. Their fur is heavy, and brown or gray. Your yard will have many soil tunnels because Norway rats are fervent diggers. 

Rodents breed quickly and can effortlessly come indoors, making it very difficult to control their populations, so a successful defense involves being persistent about preventive protocols. Use these four tips to stay ahead of a rodent infestation:

Tip #1: Keep Up On Repairs

Home and business owners put off repairs for a number of reasons, but that can lead to repeat pest invasions. Pests like house mice prefer interiors and sheltered spaces because it’s warm, damp, and there’s an ample supply of food and water. It’s easy for them to enter buildings in general, but buildings that have easy access in any way will be vulnerable to rodents. These animals can insert themselves in holes ½ of an inch in diameter, or can spread them with their teeth. Structural voids and cabinets are some of the places that they’ll run to once inside. 

All of these facts in mind, you need to patch up cracks and crevices. Start with foundations, doors, and windows, then survey utilities and vents. Plumbing issues, leaks, and high moisture areas should be resolved next. 

Tip #2: Don’t Cut Cleaning Corners

Rodents won’t find your property appealing if they don’t have much to feed on. These best practices will help keep rodents from settling in:

  • Wash your kitchen countertops and dishes regularly. 
  • Sweep floors and vacuum carpets often to get crumbs up. 
  • Store food, pet food, and garbage in canisters with well-fitting lids. 
  • Make taking the trash out frequently a practice. 
  • Try to keep clutter to a minimum. 
  • Use a dehumidifier or air conditioner so things won’t get too damp indoors. 

Tip #3: Be Prepared To Do Lawn Work

Few people enjoy performing yard maintenance, but if you don’t push yourself to do it, rodents might show up. Wooded areas, fields, and grassy pastures are natural habitats for these creatures, since they prosper when they are outdoors and surrounded by organic matter. Be aware and take extra care if your home or business is in proximity to these kinds of locations. In addition: 

  • Mow your lawn. 
  • Keep greenery well-trimmed. 
  • Move flowers and plants several feet away from exterior doors. 
  • Flush out your vents and gutters.

Tip #4 Reach Out to White Knight Pest Control

White Knight Pest Control has treatments aimed at eliminating rodent infestations that are friendly to the environment. Our team consists of qualified technicians and competent staff, so you’ll receive top-notch care. Call us to set up your consultation today!