How To Get Rid Of Gophers From Your Denver Property

gopher's head sticking out of a hole in the grass

There are many types of rodents that call Denver home, but few pests are quite as annoying and plentiful as these fuzzy backyard tunnel diggers. Gophers are a huge problem for homeowners all over Colorado state, digging up the turf, eating plants, and generally running amok all over your lush and clean property. 

There is a significant difference between gophers and groundhogs, especially when it comes to size: 

  • Gophers are less than 14 inches long at most and weigh around 6 ounces to 2 pounds. 
  • Gophers have large and protruding bottom teeth that make them look extremely comical. 
  • Gophers are black, brown, or white in appearance, with small ears and tiny eyes.

Unlike groundhogs, gophers are extremely aggressive and have been known to carry the rabies virus from host to host. If you come near a female gopher and her litter, you can expect to be chased and even bitten if there is an opportunity to do so. What’s worse, gophers are notorious diggers and can cause property damage with their large networks of burrowing systems. These mammals will need a lot more than just do it yourself (DIY) efforts to keep out, as you will soon see.

Preventing And Discouraging Gophers On Your Denver Property

Preventing gophers from visiting your property is nigh impossible, but keeping scouting mammals from settling down is an entirely different matter. Use some prevention, hard work, and a little elbow grease to block interested gophers from bunking down around your Denver home.  

  • Gophers have been known to den within crawlspaces, garages, and underneath decks and porches. Do what you can to ensure these spaces are sealed up tight and are inaccessible to wildlife species.
  • Keep the lawn well maintained, cutting back grasses, trimming trees, and generally manicuring vegetation around the property. 
  • Use wire fencing and raised garden beds to limit the gopher’s access to food or plant items on your lawn.

Gophers are difficult pests to dissuade from the yard, especially once they have found a soil mix that suits them well. Consult with the pros at White Knight Pest Control for additional tips related to gopher removal and control.

Get Gophers Naturally – With White Knight Pest Control!

The pudgy, fuzzy, and less than threatening form of the gopher does not seem like it would be a formidable enemy, but these mammals are huge (and dangerous) problems for homeowners all around the Denver area. The unfortunate fact about gophers is that they are still aggressive and strong enough to injure a human, yet protected by certain laws. The difficulty of removal and potentially dangerous behaviors make this wildlife species extraordinarily complicated to deal with on your own. When you’re ready to restore your home to its former pest-free glory, contact the knowledgeable crew at White Knight Pest Control right away. 
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Call the Denver office of White Knight Pest Control to find a local hero for your local gopher problem. Our knights in shining armor are prepared to beat your wildlife foes through whatever means necessary and are equipped with the materials needed for success every time. Reach out to White Knight Pest Control for a coat of arms that keeps you in mind!