Why Professional Cockroach Control Is The Right Choice For Your San Antonio Home

american cockroach on a home foundation

Cockroaches are so good at invading homes that even those who take all the proper precautionary steps can still find themselves with an infestation. Those who don’t even focus on early prevention might even have a cockroach population already and not know it. Learning why only the professionals can truly keep you protected will help save you a lot of time and energy. 

Common Cockroaches To Avoid

Cockroaches are insects that have uniquely adapted to human civilization. As dirty foragers, they thrive off the waste and excess that modern life creates, causing cockroaches to really look for ways to invade human properties. That’s what makes them such common pests, so it’s important to be on the lookout for these common cockroach varieties: 

  • American cockroach: The largest variety of home-invading cockroach, the American cockroach is notable for its figure-8 shaped mark on the top of its head. 
  • German cockroach: While not the largest, these are the most common. German cockroaches are known for their horizontal dash marks on their backs. 
  • Oriental cockroach: Typically dark brown or black in color, this is the only common cockroach variety that can’t fly. It has wings, but they are underdeveloped. 

Cockroaches Can Slip Through The Cracks

Keeping cockroaches out isn’t as simple as just making sure you’ve closed your windows and doors. They can flatten their bodies to squeeze into incredibly small spaces, making any crack or hole a potential access point. Often, homeowners will focus solely on curbing the things that might attract cockroaches, like food traces or moisture buildup. But cockroaches can survive on scraps and some even eat things that other animals wouldn’t even consider edible, like wallpaper and insulation. Their diet isn’t the only way that cockroaches are survivors. Their flattening bodies also allow them to survive being stepped on or getting caught in traps. Many species have developed resistances to over-the-counter sprays and treatments. Truly, cockroach prevention isn’t something you want to have to tackle all on your own.

The Risks Of DIY Roach Prevention 

Again, you can do everything in your power to address the things that keep pests away and still find yourself with cockroaches. These insects fail where other pests succeed, and once they move in, they are a nightmare to get rid of. All of the following are methods you should avoid when trying to prevent or eliminate cockroaches: 

  • Traps: Not only can cockroaches often escape traps, because of their contorting bodies and sturdy exoskeletons, traps will only kill a small number of the total population. 
  • Baits: Because individual traps are largely ineffective, people often think that poisonous baits, which cockroaches will consume and bring back to their nests, will do a better job. While baits can have more success, they still do nothing to cockroach eggs, will simply hatch and replenish the population. 
  • Chemicals: Not only can some store-bought sprays be ineffective to roaches that are resistant, some of them are downright dangerous to apply without proper training. That’s why experts are the only ones who should try to completely eradicate a cockroach infestation. 

Let White Knight Protect You

Rather than try to keep up on all the things that can possibly keep cockroaches out, turn instead to the things that are guaranteed to. At White Knight Pest Control, we offer early prevention or fast elimination for homeowners looking to get rid of cockroaches. Let us get started on an inspection right away to see what needs to be addressed on your property. In addition to eradicating your cockroach problem, we’ll provide you with first-rate advice on how you can properly keep up on pest prevention, and we’ll keep in touch to make sure everything stays going smoothly. 

Keep cockroaches out of your home for good with the effective control offered by White Knight Pest Control. Give us a call today.