What Every Buda Property Owner Needs To Know About German Cockroaches

a german cockorach in a kitchen

It hardly matters to most people what species of pest is invading their property. Gross, crawling insects give people the heebie-jeebies. Period. But identifying an infestation is the first step in solving it--and when it comes to dangerous pests like cockroaches in Buda, this needs to happen sooner rather than later. 

What You Need To Know About German Cockroaches

German cockroaches are the most common invasive species of roaches in the world. They have uniquely adapted to modern life so they are difficult to kill and they can thrive in large numbers. Unlike American cockroaches, which are bigger on average, German cockroaches can range in size, depending on their age and how much food they have access to. Here are some defining characteristics to help you know your roaches:

  • Color: German cockroaches, like many invasive cockroach species, are reddish-brown in color. 
  • Shape: German cockroaches are oval and have hard top shells and long antennae that stick out of their heads. They do have wings, though they don’t fly with them very far or very often.
  • Marks: The most identifiable trait of a German cockroach is the markings found on their backs. The horizontal dashes are pretty hard to miss and they are unique to this species.

Problems Caused By Cockroaches

With their commonness, German cockroaches are well-known for their dangers. Not only are they nearly impossible to eliminate with DIY methods, but cockroaches can lead to all of the following problems on your property:

  • Damage: Cockroaches will chew through wallpaper and insulation, damaging structural materials. They also leave nasty stains behind as they drag their oily bodies along walls and floors.  
  • Disease: Cockroaches are known to carry serious illnesses, including salmonella and plague. Cockroaches can also be infested with fleas and other parasites.
  • Odor: Cockroaches don’t pick up their droppings, and the rotting of their discarded shed skins can cause musty odors. All of this culminates in truly unpleasant smells that can fill a structure.

Prevention: What You Can Do

Because they are so difficult to eliminate once they’ve moved in, your best bet at avoiding these problems is to take early and frequent steps to prevent pest populations from invading in the first place. Here are some proven control methods that you can implement on your own, or better yet, with the help of experts:

  • Food storage: Cockroaches forage for their food, meaning even tiny traces of food left behind can attract them. Deep clean regularly, especially under appliances, and store food in sturdy containers that can’t be punctured by pests.
  • Trash storage: Cockroaches don’t need to hunt or chew through boxes in order to get sustenance if they can access your trash bins. Make sure your bags are heavy duty and your bins are securely covered. 
  • Crack sealing: Cockroaches can flatten themselves to fit into impossibly small areas. That means no hole or crack in your exterior is too small to warrant repairs. Frequently check for and seal up any of these access points.

What We Can Do

Even property owners who stay on top of deep cleaning and maintenance can find themselves with pest infestations. Cockroaches are especially good at sneaking inside and staying hidden, growing in numbers until the problems they cause are noticeable and unavoidable. Rather than wait for that to happen, call your local pest professionals right away. At White Knight Pest Control, we can work with you on preventing pest populations of all kinds, including cockroaches. We’ll help you identify problem areas and ways to make your home less attractive and accessible to invasive pests. Even if we don’t find direct evidence of pest activity, this kind of thorough inspection is better than being caught by surprise. Rather than trusting cheaper, do-it-yourself methods, go directly to the experts. Only with help from trained technicians can you hope to truly eradicate these hardy invaders. 
Contact White Knight Pest Control today to get started on protecting your home from cockroaches.