Answering Salt Lake City’s Most Commonly Asked Bed Bug Questions

bed bug crawling on sheets

It’s only natural to question what’s true and what's false when it comes to pests. That’s especially true of bed bugs. These bugs are not only easy to get but they are very difficult to eliminate. With so many solutions and prevention measures described online, it can be hard to know what’s proven and what’s bogus. Fortunately, we have a professional perspective on these tiny parasites. Here’s what you need to know about bed bugs in Salt Lake City.

What Is The Main Cause Of Bed Bugs?

People often think that bed bugs only infest dirty homes or unclean properties. In reality, bed bugs are good at spreading to all kinds of structures, since all they need is access to people or pets to feed off of. To get from place to place, bed bugs latch onto common items in order to hitch rides from one location to the next. Once they’ve been brought back to places where people gather, bed bugs nest and wait for moments when they can get a blood meal. It’s this hitchhiker behavior that makes bed bugs so common. It is also why any property is vulnerable to a bed bug infestation.

Where Are Bed Bugs Found?

Because of their name, people assume that bed bugs are only found inside of mattresses or crawling around on bedding. But bed bugs can infest a wide range of items. Here are some of the most common:

  • Other furniture: The cushions inside couches and chairs provide safe havens for bed bugs to burrow into, just like mattresses. 
  • Clothing: Fabrics appeal to bed bugs that can latch onto fibers and get inside of coat insulation. Closets are a common spot for bed bugs to thrive since they are often dark places where they can rest during the day and emerge to feed at night.
  • Containers: Old boxes or packages can also provide bed bugs with sheltered places to hide and nest.

Do Bed Bugs Spread Disease?

Unlike other blood-feeding parasites, like ticks and mosquitoes, bed bugs aren’t known to spread diseases or help with the transmission of pathogens. But they do lead to other health concerns. Here are some of the most pressing dangers that bed bugs contribute to:

  • Bites: People rarely even know they have a bed bug problem until they discover these itchy welts on their skin. These gross byproducts of bed bug feedings can be uncomfortable, especially if they pile up. 
  • Infection: Repeatedly scratching at the site of bug bites can increase your risk of skin infection.
  • Anemia: Frequent and prolonged bed bug feedings can cause low blood cell count, especially for those who take certain medications.

What Home Remedies Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

This is the million-dollar question that everyone claims to have. From hairdryers to vinegar and oil solutions sprayed onto contaminated items, there are all kinds of unproven remedies out there. People will often point to immediate results as evidence that a treatment works, even though total elimination of a bed bug problem requires rooting out entire populations -- and the unhatched eggs that are hidden away. Only professionals can do these things effectively, which is why you shouldn’t waste time with at-home remedies or “easy solutions.”

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