5 Steps to a Pest Free Home

The Flush Out Treatment

The initial treatment is crucial in successfully eliminating those unwanted pests around your home.  Our goal during this treatment is to flush out pests from their hiding places in or near your home.  Areas such as cracks, crevices, weepholes, landscaping near the home, under rocks, under eaves, and along the foundation are all places bugs prefer for harboraging.   We will also treat the interior baseboards of your home along with the garage, attic, and the plumbing pipes under the sinks.  So, after this flush out treatment you may actually experience an increase in pest activity for a few days.  This treatment also helps your future foundation and preventive treatments by greatly minimizing any additional infestations that can occur.  After this treatment, you’ll be off on a great start to having a pest free home!

The 30 Day Treatment

After your initial flush out treatment, we will return to treat your home within 30 days to start your regular treatment schedule.  This treatment is extremely important because it starts to break down the egg cycle of the bugs and slows their reproduction cycle faster.  Another big reason this treatment is important is that it takes care of any unhatched eggs that may have not been affected on the initial treatment which will prevent any possble infestation from occurring.



Regular Scheduled Treatments

Now that you have had the flush out treatment and the 30 day treatment, your home will be pest free in no time!  Depending on the treatment program you selected (Monthly, Bi-Monthly, or Quarterly), from here on out when scheduling your regular treatments we will contact you 1-2 days in advance to let you know we will be applying the prescription pest control treatment around your home.  On the day of your treatment feel free to carry on with your everyday activities.  In fact, if you can’t be home, no problem!  Our technician will apply the main exterior treatment and leave the service notice on your door handle with specific information of treatment that was completed.  If you would like an interior treatment, all you have to do is call our office anytime to schedule it…and best of all, its complimentary!


White Knight’s Service Guarantee

Its important to understand that even after the first 3 steps to obtaining a pest free home, some pests are much more stubborn and difficult to get rid of!  This is when it is crucial to have a White Knight technician come out to specifically treat for the target pest issues.  Not all bugs are the same and they react differently to different treatments and products.  White Knight Pest Control has experienced technicians with the professional tools and the know how to get to the bottom of the issue and focus on these pests!  Our promise to you is that we will do whatever it takes to get rid of the bugs around your home and will come out as many times as necessary to make sure that happens. If in between your regular scheduled treatments you need additional services, give us a call and we’ll return to treat your home free of charge!


Platinum Shield 15 Point Protection

Our scope of services are what makes White Knight Pest stand out from all the other competitors. When our experts come to treating the exterior of the property, they first inspect and treat flower beds and entire yard (only if property is 1 acre+, they inspect and treat 40′ out) for those fire ants and more! Power spraying is completed along the base and corners of fences and spot treatments done around play equipment if necessary. Also around separate storage buildings in the property and inside only upon request.  The exterior of the home is power sprayed 10-12′ around home and 3′ high to the base of windows. Depending on the conditions, spider webs, wasps, and mud dauber nests are removed and treated from accessible 1st & 2nd floor eaves, trees, and plants. Injection systems are used in weep holes, foundations, and other accessible cracks/crevices. Base doors, windows, tops, sides, and bottom of garage doors are treated as well.  Upon request, interior of the homes are treated around the baseboards on 1st and 2nd floors. Plumbing voids under sinks, behind toilets, and washers/dryers are included. Inside of garages are treated/baited if necessary and webs and nests are removed along floorboards/wall joints. We also inspect and treat in attics when requested at no extra cost!