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What We’re About

The creation of White Knight Pest Control was inspired by the idea that we wanted to create a company that would provide growth opportunities for people who had a strong desire and passion to serve others. The true meaning of a White Knight in chivalric times is one that comes to the rescue when dire circumstances are at hand. A White Knight is pure in heart and will do whatever it takes to make sure the well being of others comes first! At White Knight, that’s just what we do. Our goal is to cultivate a winning environment full of service to those we have the privilege of building relationships with. This includes our employees, our customers, and the communities we are a part of. We take pride in our company name. It instills in our hearts a character trait that each of us at White Knight Pest Control strives to obtain and maintain each day. This is the driving force that motivates us to do what we do since opening our doors for business in the Spring of 2006. Since then, we are proud to be ranked as one of the top pest control companies in the areas we serve!

Mission Statement

White Knight Pest Control has a threefold mission to the customer, the employees, and to the company.  The mission to the customer is to provide each and every customer with the greatest value in the industry.  This will be accomplished primarily through communicating effectively, listening, and providing an honest and quality service.  Each and every customer should know what to expect and have those expectations exceeded! The mission to our employees is to provide growth opportunities for them financially, yet more importantly, personally, so they will be able to unleash their innate and learned talents and abilities to be a part of creating something of significance!  Our desire is for each employee to feel appreciated and for them to feel a sense of freedom, so they can view this experience as a mission in life instead of merely a career!  The only way this will be possible is to unlock the employees’ desire to serve others and make them happy.  Once this is accomplished, employee satisfaction, appreciation, loyalty, and their overall success are inevitable! Our mission to the company is to make it profitable and to financially sustain the employees of the company.  Financial success is vital to what each person is trying to accomplish, which will also enable us to provide a greater value to the customer.

Our Coat of Arms

At White Knight Pest Control, there are fundamental principles that we strive to live by,which we call our “Coat of Arms”. The purpose of this “Coat of Arms” is to display a message to each and every employee in our company. This message echoes the values that motivate us and emphasizes the foundation of our company. Even our company name reveals the passion we have in our purpose!

A White Knight by definition is a hero who comes to the rescue and fights for a cause! The idea symbolizes purity of motivation and denotes courage and action! Honesty, Integrity, Team Work, and Commitment are four cornerstones of our company. As we focus on these attributes and all strive to become “knights”, our minds will shift from the mirror to the window and our lives will be full of service to others and gain meaningful purpose! With each person we serve, whether they are a fellow employee or a customer, we take one step closer to becoming “knights” and gain a broader perspective of happiness!