Here are some common questions that we have been asked over the years.  If there are any questions you have that aren’t on this list, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

About Our Company

+If your company is called White Knight, why is your logo a black knight?
It was a conscious decision to make our logo black due to the simple fact that it just looks cool!  However, we do use both black and white logos to represent our company as you see on the top left of our website.  In fact, our logo is used in a rainbow of colors as we get them embroidered on our shirts for employees.  We think our logo rocks! 🙂

+How long has White Knight been in business?
White Knight serviced its first customer in Kyle, TX (in Arroyo Ranch to be exact) in April of 2006.  Since then, our corporate office has moved twice due to growth and has opened 5 additional  service locations in San Antonio TX, Salado TX, Carrollton TX, Houston TX, and Heber City UT.  Unlike many companies that come and go…White Knight is here to stay! 

+How was the company's name conceived?
The owner, Chip White, loves the stories of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.  If you catch him at the right time in the day, you may even find him pretend sword fighting in his office.  The idea of a Knight coming to the rescue to serve his fellow man is one that motivates us as PROTECTORS OF THE KNIGHTHOOD!  And we believe it should be engrained in everyone’s hearts, especially those of our employees, that serving others is the greatest responsibility.  Also, we kind of worked Mr. White’s last name in as well, hence “White” Knight. 😉   

+What makes White Knight different than the others?
There are many things that set us apart from our competitors.  From our comprehensive Scope of Service provided by our technicians to our hard working office staff who speak to customers on the phone, we provide a value to our customers that is unmatched.  The biggest thing, however, is our passionate desire to build lasting relationships with our customers.  We will do whatever it takes to ensure our customers are not only satisfied, but completely happy and loyal to our company!  We really do treasure our relationships with our customers.  At the same time there is no perfect company out there and although we strive for perfection, at times we may fall short…but our customers can rest assured that if White Knight ever makes a mistake, we will take every step possible to make it right!  And then some!  

+I see your sales reps everywhere...its hot out there...are they crazy?
We wouldn’t say crazy…Passionate is a better word! 🙂  People who work for White Knight understand the true value of the services we provide.  We are proud to know that we give our customers the absolute best value in the industry!  That is really the only way for our employees to be motivated about selling pest control or providing pest control services in such extreme climates!  If we had a poor product…believe us…you won’t be seeing any crazies out there 🙂  By the way, if you see any of our sales reps or technicians out there in your area…do them a favor an give them a bottle of water…they’ll love you for it! 

About Our Services

+Is an annual pest control program really necessary?
If your goal is to rid your home of those bugs and keep them out…the answer is yes!  If you are new to the area, you may want to ask your neighbors and see what they do for pest control.  Many will say they have a regular pest control service provided by a pest control company.  And there will be some that will frequent the local home improvemet store to purchase their own over the counter products to treat themselves.  A regular pest control program is pretty much a necessity, especially in Texas!  With the heat and UV rays that come with the Texas Summers…you will need  prescription pest control products applied professionally that will be be able to withstand the beating of the hot sun!  The products you find at the store will break down within a few weeks, whereas the products we use to control the bugs around your home last an average of 3 months!  So, all in all, an annual pest control service is the most effective way to keep a home pest-free throughout the year!

+I have kids and pets...should I be concerned about pest control in my house?
 Just like any household cleaning products we obviously don’t want our kids and pets to meddle in any concentrated liquids.  However, the products we use are environmentally friendly making it also friendly for pets and children when mixed and applied according to the label. Technological advances have increased the effectiveness in the products we use and have dramatically decreased its toxicity to humans and pets.  Even household products left under kitchen/bathroom sinks are more hazardous than the products we use to control the pests around your home.  Also, no need to worry because our service technicians go through extensive training and are required to be licensed through the state before applying any pest control applications.  This insures risk-free treatments around your home!  Oh, and to be super cautious, we  always advise our customers to allow 30 minutes for the product to dry before allowing pets and children to roam around. 

+My house was just treated for the first time...I'm seeing even more bugs! Is it not working?
No need to worry!  An increase in bug activty actually means it IS working!  Depending on the severity of pests around your home…you may see plenty of bugs scattering around, or you may see a few.  The reason being is because bugs are being flushed out from the cracks and crevices of the  home.  But this activity should decrease  drastically over the next few days.  We will then return one month after your initial treatment to start your regular treatment schedule which will break the egg cycle of the pest around your home faster.  

+Will the products you use for pest control damage any of my landscaping or gardens?
Each of the products used for the exterior treatment have  been selected not only to eliminate pests and prevent their entry into the  home, but to work to protect your flowerbeds and gardens.

+I have asthma and am very conscious about any chemicals being used in my house...but I need those bugs gone! Can you still help?
Absolutely!  Nothing matters more to us than the well being of our customers…thats why White Knight customers have the option of selecting a  completely organic treatment.  These  products have been specifically selected for application in homes of those  suffering from asthma and other respiratory problems.  Also, remember…even pests like roaches can cause asthma and breathing problems…so it will be important to get rid of them quickly!

+Its going to rain...will White Knight still treat?
A common question people ask is how effective our products are in the rain.  Our technicians are trained on which products to use in specific types of climates and weather.  There are some products that are enhanced by moisture, which make the treatment more effective than they would otherwise be without the aid of water.  Our technicians will generally treat with a liquid product by the foundation, base of the windows, and all entry ways to the home.  In addition, a water-enhanced granule will be spread out from the foundation into the yard to create a barrier around the home.  These granules act as “land mines” for pests!  This treatment method is extremely effective and very important in preventing future infestations.

Many people see an increased activity of bugs just after a rain.  This is usually due to the rain disturbing the dwellings of the pests as well as reproductive mechanisms of the pests near your home.  It will be important to have the treatment already applied in order to minimize invading pests.  If for any reason you are seeing abnormal amounts of pests, please call one of our customer service representatives and we will be happy to return and retreat your home free of charge.

+Do I really need treatments in the winter? I don't really see any bugs.
 If you don’t see them it doesn’t mean they are not there!  During the winter, the colder temperature cause pests that normally seek refuge outside your home to move closer to the home and many times inside.  Bugs reproduce year round and they will seek for nice, warm climates in order to do so…like your warm house!  During this time of year, mice and rats also seek for warmth and can congregate in your attic or garage and we don’t want that either because they can cause much damage to your home.

Our winter method of treating for these common pests is extremely effective because we focus our treatment closer to the home where the pests are reproducing and nesting.  In addition to the barrier we maintain around your home, we have an injection treatment system in which we inject a product into the cracks and weep holes near the foundation of your home.  Many specialists feel that this winter treatment may be the most important of all applications!  Why?  Because as the weather begins to warm, like humans pests become more and more active.  And as they start coming out of their nesting areas, they will immediately come in contact with the products we have applied before they have a chance to reproduce and reside inside your home.  By choosing a year round treatment schedule, you will enjoy the benefits of thousands of our customers who make up the White Knight family!   

+Does White Knight doTermite inspections and treatments?
 Most definitely!  From WDI (Wood Destroying Insect) Reports to full conventional termite treatments, we have trained technicians and professional equipment and products to get the job done right!  Not only that, but we offer our Termi-Shield Termite Warranty that covers termite treatments if your home is ever under attack by termites.  AND if you’re a current customer…we provide regular termite inspections at the time of your regular treatments to make sure you’re home is termite free!  If we do find termites…we’ll catch them before they have done too much damage and provide you with a bid to get rid of them.  

About Our Support

+What options do you have to make payments?
There are several simple options to make payments to your account.  The majority of our customers are on our EZpay program where payments are made automatically on the 1st or 15th (whichever is most convenient) of each month through their credit card which is stored safely on our encrypted database.  Another option is to provide a payment to the technician with a check or credit card after he treats your home.  If you prefer to mail in a payment, the technician can provide you with an addressed envelope.  We also provide the option to make secure payments online!  Just click here to register and access your account.  You can also manage your account and sign up on our automatic secured billing program.  Or, if you want to make the drive…we’d love to see you in person.  Come by and say hi!

+How does White Knight schedule treatments?
At White Knight Pest Control, we realize your life can be full of things to do.  That’s why we will do what it takes to quickly take care of your pest problems and make the treatments as easy and convenient as possible.  Unlike many companies who send out post cards, when scheduling your regular exterior treatment we will always call you 1 or 2 days in advance to let you know a technician will be coming by to treat your home.  We just want the opportunity to speak with you if there are any issues our technician can focus on!  On the day of your treatment feel free to carry on with your everyday activities.  In fact, if you can’t be home, no problem!  Our technicians will apply the main exterior treatment and leave the service ticket on your door.  Interior treatments are upon request…so if you would like an interior treatment all you have to do is call our office anytime to schedule it…and best of all, its complimentary!      

+How does your Service Guarantee work?
The wonderful benefit of having White Knight Pest Control as your pest control company is we guarantee our service! If you need your home treated again for any reason, please don’t hesitate to call us! Having a BBQ? Celebrating a Birthday? Family or Friends coming in to town? Or maybe you’re still seeing spiders or ants around the house…we want to come back out and take care of it! Just consider it pest insurance you hope you never need, but we’re here if you need us. Oh, and remember there are no additional charges and no hassles. We’ll come out to treat your home within 1-2 days of your call…Guaranteed!

+I can only have my house treated on certain days...is there any way to make special arrangements for my schedule?
Of course!  We don’t want pest control to be a hassle for any of our customers.  It is one of those things that are important, but shouldn’t be another thing you have to worry about.  Whatever scheduling needs you have, we’ll work with you! 

+Can White Knight donate to our cause?
We love being able to help our community in any way we can.  From supporting students in their school extracurricular activities to sending hygiene kits to other parts of the world like Uganda…we want to do our part in making a difference and helping our world be a better place!  We receive many inquiries throughout the year and as much as we would love to be able to be a part of all the great causes presented to us, we are only able to support a few.  We are philanthropist in heart…there’s no better way to show our gratitude than to give back and support our communities and our world!